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Low Season Rates
March, April, May, June 2015 and September, October, November 2015

EDAR (Daily/Weekly) Suzuki Swift/ Nissan March
Daily US$34.00 Weekly US$204.00
Tax US$5.61 Ins US$33.66
  US$39.61   US$237.66
Ins US$10.00 Tax US$70.00
Total US$49.61 Total US$307.66
CCAR (Daily/Weekly) Toyota Yaris
Daily US$40.00 Weekly US$240.00
Tax US$6.60 Ins US$39.60
  US$46.60   US$279.60
Ins US$12.00 Tax US$84.00
Total US$58.60 Total US$363.60
ICAR (Daily/Weekly) Toyota Corolla/Nissan Tiida
Daily US$ 50.00 Daily US$300.00
Tax US$ 8.25 Tax US$49.50
  US$ 58.25   US$349.50
Ins US$ 14.00 Ins US$98.00
Total US$72.25 Total US$447.50
FCAR (Daily/Weekly) Mitsubishi Galant
Daily US$ 60.00 Daily US$360.00
Tax US$ 9.90 Tax US$59.40
  US$ 69.90   US$419.40
Ins US$ 16.00 Ins US$112.00
Total US$ 85.90 Total US$531.40
SFAR (Daily/Weekly) Suzuki Vitara
Daily US$75.00 Daily US$450.00
Tax US$12.38 Tax US$74.25
  US$87.38   US$524.25
Ins US$17.00 Ins US$119.00
Total US$104.38 Total US$643.25
MVCAR (Daily/Weekly) Mitsubishi Grandis Wagon/Suzuki APV
Daily US$ 78.00 Daily US$468.00
Tax US$ 12.87 Tax US$77.22
  US$ 90.87   US$545.22
Ins US$ 17.00 Ins US$119.00
Total US$ 107.87 Total US$664.22

High Season
January, February 2015 and July, August, December 2015

EDAR (Daily/Weekly) Suzuki Swift/ Nissan March
Daily US$ 39.00 Daily US$234.00
Tax US$6.44 Tax US$38.61
  US$45.44   US$272.61
Ins US$10.00 Ins US$70.00
Total US$55.44 Total US$342.61
CCAR (Daily/Weekly) Toyota Yaris
Daily US$ 45.00 Daily US$270.00
Tax US$ 7.43 Tax US$44.55
  US$52.43   US$314.55
Ins US$12.00 Ins US$84.00
Total US$64.43 Total US$398.55
ICAR (Daily/Weekly) Toyota Corolla/Nissan Tiida

US$ 55.00

Daily US$330.00
Tax US$ 9.08 Tax US$ 54.45
  US$ 64.08   US$384.45
Ins US$ 14.00 Ins US$ 98.00
Total US$ 78.08 Total US$482.45
FCAR (Daily/Weekly) Mitsubishi Galant
Daily US$ 70.00 Daily US$420.00
Tax US$ 11.55 Tax US$ 69.30
  US$ 81.55   US$489.30
Ins US$  16.00 Ins US$ 112.00
Total US$97.55 Total US$601.30
SFCAR (Daily/Weekly) Suzuki Vitara
Daily US$ 80.00 Daily US$480.00
Tax US$  13.20 Tax US$79.20
  US$  93.20   US$559.20
Ins US$  17.00 Ins US$119.00
Total US$110.20 Total US$678.20
MVCAR (Daily/Weekly) Mitsubishi Grandis/Suzuki APV
Daily US$ 82.00 Daily US$492.00
Tax US$ 13.53 Tax US$  81.18
  US$ 95.53   US$573.18
Ins US$ 17.00 Ins US$ 119.00
Total US$112.53 Total US$692.18



Insurance Daily Rate Security Deposit
CCAR - US$10.00 per day CCAR - US$1000.00
ICAR - US $12.00 per day ICAR - US$1200.00
FCAR - US$15.00 per day FCAR - US$1400.00
SFAR - US$15.00 per day SFAR - US$1400.00
MVAR - US$15.00 per day MVAR - US$1400.00

Rates are subject to change without notice. One day is considered a period of 24 hours.

General Conditions
Age requirements: Minimum age 21. Renters under the age of 23 may attract a surcharge

Third Party Accident Insurance coverage, public Liability and Property insurance is included in our rates at no extra cost to you. All Drivers must be on the rental contract or the insurance becomes null and void.

Collision Damage Protection
The renter is liable for any damage or loss to the rented vehicle. The liability is reduce to vary from US $1000.00 to US $1400.00 with the inclusion of collision damage waiver (cdw) of US $10.00 to US $15.00 per day. Major credit card insurance schemes are available to certain card members.

A deposit of US $1000.00 to US $1400.00 is taken on all rentals payable by cash, managers' cheque or credit card.

Method of Payment
By major credit cards (American Express, Visa, Master Card), cash or certified cheque.

Delivery & Drop Off:
Free Airport and Hotel delivery within the environs of our locations. There is a charge of US$100.00 each way for inter-city drop off.

Government Tax:

Renter must have had a driver's license for over I year.

Road maps of Jamaica are available on request.

Additional Driver:
At an extra charge of US$4.00 per day for over 2 named drivers.

To be paid by the customer.

Baby Seats:
US $ 5.00 per day

Cell Phones
US $ 3.00 per day

The Company reserves the right to substitute comparable vehicle when a specified vehicle is not available.

•  Rates are subject to change without notice.
•  One day is considered a period of 24hours.


1 D Norwood Avenue
Kingston 5, Jamaica
(Entrance on Norwood Avenue, beside Barn Theatre)
Tel: (876) 920-1119
(876) 920-1120
Fax :( 876) 968-5278

Montego Bay
66 Claude Clarke Avenue
Montego Bay
Tel: (876) 952-7810
Fax: 971-1621

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Major Credit Cards Accepted.


Remember to Drive on The Left.